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    1. Search/find your favorite dress.

    2. You will find the booking dates available via the product calendar.

    3. Full dress measurements are listed on every product page.

    4.  All rentals come with a FREE accessory of our choice.

    B+L is 100% dedicated to providing you with high quality products. We know that in most cases you do not have the added finances to purchase multiple dresses for styled shoots, special occasions etc. So we bring to you a curated collection of pieces that we have added to our Couture Rental Shop. We love bringing to you affordable couture as well as bringing the opportunity to try us out, test our quality and see why we are one of the top brands on the market.

    Styling Services

    With 11 years of styling and designing under our belts we have the perfect knowledge of helping to style for just about any occasion.

    Having a hard time with styling your upcoming special event or photo shoot? Not a problem! Feel free to email us and we will help you pick the right dresses and accessories for your event or shoot.

    Are you a photographer and looking for help styling and looking for ideas? Not a problem! We have years of experience in styling large shoot outs and workshops. Feel free to reach out for a group rental discount and or custom order discount as well as help with styling.


    We accept payments via PAYPAL. You do NOT have to have a PayPal account to make a payment by debit or credit card. You will be prompted with a pop up from PayPal to make a payment. You will see towards the bottom where it will say pay with a credit card/non account. 


    Cancellations are on a case by case situation. Cancellations will NOT be accepted for (weather, change of mind, vendor / client cancellations.) You must email us 10 days prior to needing to cancel. In most cases you will be offered a date change/release of date to a later time. This will be offered via a coupon code to the rental store for a return purchase.

    When should you place your RENTAL ORDER?

    In most cases we suggest that you make your reservation early. Most of our pieces rent out months in advance. This will help ensure that you have access to your first choice of dress, which includes our special addition gowns and limited release pieces. Our booking calendar will allow you to place an order and reserve up to a year in advance. In need of something LAST MINUTE? Send us an email and we will help you reserve something that is currently in stock and we will discuss rush order shipping options.

    It is important to understand that your 8 day rental is an 8 day duration. Meaning from day 1- day 8. Day 8 is the day YOUR RENTAL IS DUE BACK TO US.

    Start by browsing our inventory of carefully thought-out and selected dresses and accessories. We have meticulously thought out each rental item and rotate stock in and out often. Choose your favorite dress and accessory and reserve them by selecting your start date into the PRODUCT CALENDAR. Once you have selected your start date, the calendar will auto populate your END RENTAL DATE. Your start date should be (1-2 days prior to your actual event/shoot date. The 8th day (End Date) is the day your items are due back to us.

     **PLEASE NOTE: When placing your order - if you have multiple items being purchased the start dates should be the same. ANY rental order that has multiple START DATES (Example: June 1st, June 4th.... etc  - Any order with multiple/various start dates -will be subject to additional shipping fees. 


    Day 1: (START DATE) Your items will arrive – It is important that your START date is NOT the day of your event or shoot. Please allow yourself enough time to receive the item/s and prep them for your shoot/event. In some cases - a package may be delayed (due to shipping service delays and in some rare instances due to a rental being returned to late to us. Should that occur we always email you to discuss the situation.) - it is best to allocate for any shipping delays.

    Day 2: You can try on and work on styling your rental item/s to be absolutely sure everything looks just right!


    Day 3: This should be your EVENT or SHOOT date.

    Day 4: Start packaging up your items. Be sure ALL item/s are packaged in original box (unless damaged), double tape the box. Be sure ALL dresses are turned inside out and nicely folded as you received them. Please DO NOT clean any of the items - HOWEVER- Please be sure you have gotten out any sticks, grass, etc from the gowns before folding them. If you FAIL to remove sticks or other sharp objects - this can actually damage the item/s. ALL item/s should be shipped FED EX GROUND OR USPS PRIORITY ONLY (NOT USPS GROUND). Please do NOT use UPS.  PLEASE DO NOT select (SIGNATURE REQUIRED & BE SURE YOU TELL THEM NOT TO ADD THIS ON.)

    Please note: You cover your return shipping which can range from $10-60 dependent upon item/s you have rented and depending on if you are shipping the item/s back on a timely manner.  Why do we do this?  1. We do this because we know many of our clients do NOT have a FEDEX nearby. 2. We also allow you to select the best and most reasonable options for return shipping. Also in some cases you need the item/s a little longer and opt to rush ship them back.

    Your rental item/s should be delivered to us by the 8th day. We allow for ONE grace day.  If you are local – in some cases we will allow LOCAL PICKUP AND DROP OFF. Please be sure to email us your tracking number/information.

    What happens if your late in return shipping? Should you suspect you may be late - it is best to email us right away. Unfortunately, rentals have very tight turn around times and thus when your package is returned late this sadly puts a strain on another renter. If your order is not received ON the 8th day – you are subject to our late fee penalties. Please see our terms for more details.

    rental agreement

    Please be sure you have read over the agreement in full before placing your order. CLICK HERE