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Using Sezzle

We have now opened the option to use SEZZLE when both renting with us as well as ordering custom orders. Important things to note:

  • All custom orders that elect to do a payment option must use SEZZLE. This will help us keep track of all orders that are using a payment method vs paying the total up front. You must set up a SEZZLE account. You will be charged an added % to your custom order total for electing to make payments.
  • ALL rental products offer a SEZZLE price option. You MUST select SEZZLE price option if electing to do payment plans. IF you do not select the SEZZLE rental price your order will be canceled if the difference is not paid immediately upon receiving the invoice for the cost difference. 
  • DO NOT ever use SEZZLE for paying any shipping invoice or you will be sent a separate invoice for the cost difference.
  • SEZZLE is available for all READY TO SHIP ITEMS with no cost difference or added %.

While SEZZLE is an option across the board on our website there are very specific instructions you must follow when using this option. We do NOT allow SEZZLE on any rental unless you follow the above steps. 

Anytime you need to use SEZZLE on a custom order, or other order options - you must email us to let us know in advance of using that option.

Please contact us should you have any questions.