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The collaboration between Bentley and Lace, Growing Sprouts Photography, and Leia’s Kids exemplifies the power of community and compassion. By coming together, we not only aim to uplift spirits but also to raise awareness about childhood cancer and the importance of supporting these brave young souls and their families.

The Mission: Spreading Joy and Hope

Children facing the hardships of cancer deserve moments of pure joy and happiness. Our initiative is designed to provide them with a special day filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable experiences. Our partnership together aims to offer families a respite from the daily struggles of illness, creating precious memories that will last a lifetime.

At Bentley and Lace, Growing Sprouts Photography, and Leia’s Kids, we are committed to making a positive difference. We invite you to join us in this heartwarming mission. Together, we can bring joy, create cherished memories, and spread hope to children battling cancer and their families.

Leia’s Kids is a nonprofit organization dedicated to brightening the lives of children battling cancer. Founded with a heart full of compassion, Leia’s Kids aims to provide support, encouragement, and moments of joy to young patients and their families during their cancer journey. Learn more HERE

Creating Magical Moments: Through "Gowns of Hope"

Bringing Dreams to Life

At Bentley and Lace, we are deeply privileged to join forces with Growing Sprouts Photography and Leia’s Kids in a shared mission to bring joy and create treasured memories for children and their families battling cancer.

A Heartfelt Collaboration

Photography has a unique ability to capture moments of happiness and strength, even in the face of adversity. Growing Sprouts Photography, known for their compassionate approach together, we aim to create magical photo sessions that celebrate each child’s spirit and resilience.

How You Can Support

How You Can Make a Difference

You too can be a part of this meaningful cause. Whether through volunteering, donating, or simply spreading the word, every contribution counts in making a difference in the lives of these courageous children. Together, we can continue to spread joy and create cherished memories that shine brightly amidst difficult times.

We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to be involved in such a meaningful initiative. It’s a reminder of the transformative power of love, beauty, and community, and we look forward to continuing to make a positive impact alongside Growing Sprouts Photography and Leia’s Kids.


fancy fabric & props

We are incredibly grateful to Fancy Fabric & Props for their invaluable support in our initiative with Growing Sprouts Photography and Leia’s Kids. Their dedication to providing high-quality fabrics and props has enhanced the beauty and magic of our collaborative efforts. Fancy Fabric & Props' commitment to excellence ensures that every detail contributes to creating unforgettable moments for children and families facing cancer.

To learn more about Fancy Fabric & Props, visit their website: Fancy Fabric & Props

Do you know a child and family who deserve a magical day? We invite you to nominate them for a special experience filled with joy and lasting memories.



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