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Creating a Swiftie-inspired session has never been easier! Dive into the world of Taylor Swift's iconic eras with Bentley and Lace rental gowns. Discover how you can effortlessly capture the essence of Taylor's timeless style without the need for matchy-matchy or themed costumes.

In my Era Dream Dress Sessions

Learn how you can mix and match our rental gowns to create a unique Swiftie-inspired session that resonates with Taylor's distinct style evolution. No need for perfectly coordinated costumes – our gowns effortlessly blend to capture the spirit of each era.

In my Era- Dream Dress session ideas

Remember to let your personal style shine through and mix elements from different eras to create a look that feels uniquely yours!

Styling Tips:

We love how Jen Sabatini Photography brought this Eras session to life. Drop Baby Dream Backdrops.

While Taylor Swift's album themes don't necessarily dictate a specific dress code, you can draw inspiration from the aesthetics and vibes associated with each era for your dress choices. Here are some suggestions:

1.Fearless Era (2008-2009):
- Flowy dresses with a touch of vintage charm.
- Soft pastel colors or classic country-inspired prints.
- Sundresses and romantic, feminine silhouettes.

2. Speak Now Era (2010-2012):
- Ethereal and whimsical dresses.
- Lace details or bohemian-inspired gowns.
- Dresses with a touch of romantic flair.

3. Red Era (2012-2014):
- Bold and statement-making dresses.
- Vibrant red dresses or dresses with bold patterns.
- Structured silhouettes with a hint of drama.

4. 1989 Era (2014-2015):
- Modern and chic dresses with a glamorous touch.
- Mini dresses, crop tops, and stylish two-piece sets.
- Monochromatic outfits with a pop of color.

5. Reputation Era (2017-2018):
- Edgy and sophisticated dresses.
- Black or dark-colored dresses with sleek designs.
- Dresses with bold patterns or metallic accents.

6. Lover Era (2019-2020):
- Playful and romantic dresses.
- Pastel-colored dresses with floral prints.
- Flowy and feminine dresses with a touch of whimsy.

7. Folklore and Evermore Eras (2020-2021):
- Bohemian-inspired and cozy dresses.
- Earthy tones, textured fabrics, and relaxed silhouettes.
- Dresses with a vintage or cottagecore aesthetic.

Remember, these are just suggestions, and you can always mix and match styles to create your unique look inspired by Taylor Swift's eras. Pay attention to the overall aesthetic and vibe associated with each era to guide your dress choices.

Taylor Swift Inspired Photography sessions

Discover the versatility of Bentley and Lace's rental gowns, designed to complement various Taylor Swift eras. Whether it's the whimsical 'Fearless' era or the sophisticated 'Folklore' vibe, our gowns provide the flexibility to seamlessly blend styles.

No need for perfectly coordinated costumes – our gowns effortlessly blend to capture the spirit of each era.

We absolutely love this session from April Massad Photography. She chose our Mermaid Kisses Petal dress to bring a delightful Swiftie-inspired Pop session to life, and the result is just adorable! Drop Baby Dream Backdrops.

April's creativity shines through in every frame, showcasing the whimsical charm of the Mermaid Kisses Petal dress and capturing the essence of Taylor Swift's spirit in the sweetest way possible.

This collaboration is a beautiful example of how versatile Bentley and Lace's dresses can be. The Petal dress, with its colorful and playful elements, adds a touch of fantasy to the Swiftie-inspired theme, making the session both captivating and fun filled.

In my Era Photography session ideas

Era-Inspired Magic Through Madison Grey Photography:

These sessions, filled with adorable moments and genuine expressions, are a true reflection of the love and passion we pour into every gown.

Madison Grey Photography has beautifully translated the magic of Bentley and Lace's dresses into authentic and charming moments. This session tells a visual story of joy and creativity, showcasing the unique personalities of each little one. The genuine expressions and adorable moment captured in this session.

Taylor Swift Eras Photography sessions

Crafting Swiftie Dreams

Custom Gown Options

If renting isn't your preference, or if you've grown attached to our gowns and can't bear to part with them, custom orders are a perfect solution. Embrace the freedom of expressing your unique style with Bentley and Lace by exploring our extensive selection of fabric options. Ordering a custom Swiftie-inspired gown with us is more than a fashion choice – it's a collaborative journey turning your dreams into a tangible masterpiece.

We are absolutely in love with this custom gown designed for Kelly Chance Photography. Backdrop from Fancy Fabric & Props

We're here to make it effortlessly easy and entirely stress-free. Say goodbye to the conventional, and let your creativity soar as we encourage you to think outside the box.

Say goodbye to styling stress.

Navigating the world of styling can often feel overwhelming, but with Bentley and Lace, it becomes a seamless journey. Our curated collection of dresses and accessories is designed to inspire your imagination, providing a stress-free approach to crafting the perfect look. The beauty lies in the versatility of our dresses, allowing you to mix and match styles, colors, and textures. Embrace the individuality of each era without the constraints of uniformity. Let your imagination roam freely as you curate a photoshoot that authentically embodies the essence of Taylor Swift's evolution. At Bentley and Lace, we believe that styling should be a joyful experience, fostering creativity and self-expression. So, go ahead, think outside the box, and let your unique vision come to life. Elevate your styling game with ease, and revel in the freedom of expression that Bentley and Lace brings to your creative endeavors.

Article: Creating a Swiftie-inspired session has never been easier!

Creating a Swiftie-inspired session has never been easier!

Creating a Swiftie-inspired session has never been easier!

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