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Beautiful girl wearing a couture gown in scenic view

Discover Our Signature Dress Versatility.

mom with daughters wearing coordinating mommy gowns.

Danielle D’Ottaviano, Danielle Dott Photography: (Your Fun-Loving, Children & Family Photographer) Houston's Premier Family and Maternity Photographer

Nestled in the vibrant city of Houston, Danielle D’Ottaviano stands out as a skilled photographer specializing in natural light and styled portraits. With a focus on family and motherhood, Danielle brings over five years of experience to the table, capturing heartfelt moments across various categories such as maternity, newborns, children, and family portraits.

Danielle's portfolio reflects her dedication to her artistry. She has a keen eye for detail and a talent for bringing out the genuine emotions that make family portraits so precious. Her ability to work with natural light, especially during the golden hour, adds a timeless allure to her images, creating stunning visual narratives that resonate with viewers.

What truly sets Danielle apart is her commitment to forming genuine connections with her clients. By building trust and understanding, she creates a comfortable environment where families can relax and be themselves, resulting in authentic and emotive photographs that capture the essence of their relationships.

She understands the importance of preserving memories that will be treasured for a lifetime and approaches each session with professionalism, creativity, and enthusiasm. Whether it's documenting the joy of pregnancy, the innocence of childhood, or the bonds of family, Danielle's goal is to create images that speak volumes and stand the test of time.

If you're in the Houston area and looking for a skilled photographer to capture the beauty and warmth of your family's story, look no further. Contact her today to schedule a session and let her expertise turn your cherished moments into lasting memories.

Beautiful mom in a couture gown for a family portrait

A standout aspect of our recent collaboration with Danielle D’Ottaviano was her remarkable talent in utilizing a single dress to capture stunning portraits of both adults and children.

Embracing Size Flexibility with Our Emma and Sage Symphony Gowns

In the world of fashion and photography, finding gowns that seamlessly adapt to various sizes and ages can be a rarity. However, at Bentley and Lace, we're proud to offer a collection of dresses that not only exude elegance and style but also boast remarkable size flexibility.

Among our client favorites are the Emma and Sage Symphony gowns – distinguished by their ability to seamlessly complement both adults and children with an impeccable fit.

We're thrilled with how Danielle brought our gowns to life and showcased their adaptability across various sizes.

mom and son - mom wearing couture gown for family photography session

Size Flexibility: A Cornerstone of Our Design Philosophy

Size Flexibility Matters: Our Commitment to Providing Versatile Fits for Every Body Type and Age Group

The Emma gown is the epitome of timeless design and impeccable craftsmanship, boasting a flowing silhouette that exudes sophistication and grace. What truly sets it apart is its remarkable versatility in accommodating different sizes, making it the perfect choice for women of all shapes and proportions. Whether it's worn by an expectant mother for a maternity shoot, embraced for a special mommy-and-me session, or chosen by a bride on her wedding day, the Emma gown seamlessly adapts to each individual, guaranteeing a comfortable and flattering fit for every occasion.

The versatility of the Emma gown extends beyond adults; it's also designed to fit children seamlessly. Designed with adaptability in mind, this gown can be effortlessly sized up or down. For smaller sizes, a simple clamp can be added, ensuring a perfect fit for every wearer, regardless of age or stature.

This gorgeous gown can be custom made in child size - adult size.

A mother stands proudly with her daughters, all adorned in exquisite couture gowns, showcasing elegance and beauty in their family photography session. The trio radiates charm and sophistication as they pose together, creating a timeless and captivating image.
A stylish mother poses with her daughter, both wearing exquisite couture gowns for a special family photography session.
young girl posing in a couture swiss dot gown for family photography session.
Beautiful woman wearing a couture rental gown for portrait session.

We are committed to ensuring that our gowns cater to a wide range of sizes, with a particular focus on their suitability for photography sessions.

We dedicate ourselves to ensuring our gowns cater to a variety of sizes, especially for photography sessions.

The Sage Symphony gown, much like the Emma gown, boasts exceptional size versatility. Designed with careful consideration for various body types and ages, this gown offers a flattering fit for wearers across the spectrum. Its thoughtful construction allows for seamless adjustments, ensuring comfort and elegance for every individual.

With its timeless design and meticulous craftsmanship, the Sage Symphony gown embodies versatility and inclusivity. Its flexible sizing options make it an ideal choice for individuals of all shapes and sizes, reflecting our commitment to providing garments that celebrate the uniqueness of every wearer.

This gorgeous gown can be custom made in child size - adult size.

Beautiful girl wearing a couture rental gown for a portrait styled session in Houston.
A mother and her daughters pose together, all adorned in exquisite couture gowns for a special occasion. The mother stands proudly with her daughters, each radiating beauty and elegance in their unique ensembles, creating a captivating family portrait.
Young girl poses while wearing a sage green rental couture gown.

The Art of Size Versatility in Our Photography Gowns

How Our Versatile Gowns Redefine Size Adaptability in Photography

Tailored Versatility: Our gowns are meticulously crafted to accommodate a wide range of sizes, ensuring a flattering and custom fit for every wearer, regardless of their body type or proportions.

Seamless Adaptability: Even as our gowns are sized up or down, they retain their elegant and tailored appearance, maintaining the illusion that each gown was specifically designed for the individual wearer.

Thoughtful Design: Each aspect of our gown's construction is carefully considered to allow for easy adjustments without compromising on style or silhouette. From adjustable straps to flexible fabrics, every detail contributes to the gown's seamless adaptability.

Flawless Transitions: Whether transitioning between sizes or different body types, our gowns effortlessly conform to the wearer, creating a cohesive and polished look that enhances their natural beauty.

Photogenic Appeal: Designed with photography sessions in mind, our gowns are expertly crafted to ensure they not only look stunning in person but also translate beautifully on camera. The seamless fit and tailored appearance enhance the overall aesthetic of any photoshoot.

Unmatched Quality: Beyond their size adaptability, our gowns stand out for their superior quality and craftsmanship. Each gown is constructed with precision and attention to detail, resulting in gowns that exude elegance and sophistication, regardless of the wearer's size.

Young girl stands while wearing a beautiful swiss dot couture rental gown.

As you slip into one of our gowns, you'll experience a luxurious comfort. Our high-quality fabrics and expert tailoring ensure a perfect fit and makes you feel confident and radiant. Every aspect of our gowns, from the materials to the construction, is carefully curated to provide a seamless and comfortable wearing experience.

We pay close attention to the inner details of our gowns, ensuring that they're as comfortable and well-crafted on the inside as they are on the outside. From the lining to the finishing touches, every element is designed to make you feel your best, whether you're posing for a photoshoot or dancing the night away at a special event.

So the next time you slip into one of our gowns, take a moment to appreciate the beauty that lies within. It's a reflection of our dedication to quality and craftsmanship, and a reminder that true beauty comes from feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin.

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