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Capturing Fairytale Moments: Dream Dress Sessions with Jackie Corchero

The Magic of Dream Dress Sessions

Dream Dress Sessions are not just about capturing beautiful images; they're about creating memories that last a lifetime. Emma's infectious smile and grace, combined with the elegance of our Swish Dot Couture gowns, made this photoshoot truly unforgettable.

Gowns for photography sessions- teen dream sessions

Bringing Dream Dress Sessions to your city

Bringing Dream Dress Sessions to your city can be an exciting endeavor that adds a touch of magic to photography experiences. Here are some tips to help you make it happen:

Research Local Demand: Start by researching the demand for Dream Dress Sessions in your area. Look into local photography trends, popular venues for photoshoots, and the preferences of your target audience. Understanding the market demand will help you tailor your offerings to meet the needs of potential clients.

Collaborate with Rental Gown Providers: Like yours truly. Establishing partnerships with reputable gown rental companies will give you access to a wide range of styles and sizes to accommodate different preferences and body types. We have effectively assisted more than a hundred photographers in integrating couture gowns into their sessions.

Create Engaging Marketing Materials: Develop captivating marketing materials to promote your Dream Dress Sessions. Utilize social media platforms, your website, and email newsletters to showcase stunning photos from previous sessions, highlight the benefits of renting gowns, and communicate the unique experience clients can expect.

Offer Special Packages or Promotions: Consider bundling photography services with gown rentals or offering discounted rates for booking multiple sessions. Creating irresistible offers will incentivize potential clients to book with you.

Provide Exceptional Customer Service: Focus on providing exceptional customer service to ensure a positive experience for your clients. Building strong relationships with your clients will encourage repeat business and referrals. We can assure you that your customers will adore our gowns and contribute to delivering a high-end experience.

Couture Gowns For Spring - Teen Dream Sessions

Experience the Magic Behind J Corchero Portraits: Meet Photographer Jackie Corchero

Introducing Jackie Corchero of J Corchero Portraits!

We have had the pleasure of working with Jackie over the years and have always loved her work.

At J Corchero Portraits, Jackie's expertise shines through in her ability to create timeless and breathtaking images that resonate with her clients. With her keen eye for detail and dedication to excellence, Jackie ensures that every session is an unforgettable experience, tailored to capture the unique essence and personality of each individual or family.

We have really enjoyed watching her bring our gowns to life during her one of a kind Dream Dress Sessions. However, she has expertise across diverse genres such as family photography, high school senior portraits, student portraits, maternity sessions, headshots, events, and milestone portrait photography. Jackie Corchero is located in the vibrant city of Puyallup, Washington. With over ten years of experience, Jackie infuses her work with a deep-seated passion for capturing authentic emotions and creating breathtaking portraits.

Couture Gowns For Spring - Teen Dream Sessions

Dresses+Drops - match made in heaven.

Custom Dream Dress Sessions - using Couture rental gowns

Recently, Jackie had the opportunity to feature two of our newest Swish Dot Couture gowns in a captivating session that left us in awe. In these sessions, Jackie seamlessly integrated two exquisite backdrops from Baby Dream Backdrops: the enchanting Flora Utopia May Breeze Side 8x10 floral wall and the whimsical Sweeps Springtime Truck Pink 8x14. These backdrops served as the ideal backdrop for showcasing the essence of our Swish Dot Couture gowns.

The lovely Emma, 10, was the perfect model for these sessions, having worked with Jackie for over four years. She also has been a baby dream ambassador model for over a year. Our gowns boast versatility in both size and fit, accommodating multiple sizes within a single session effortlessly.

To book your personalized photography session with Jackie - see the below details:

Connect with her through the following channels:

Article: Dream Dress Session Secrets: Tips for Introducing Dream Dress Sessions to Your City

Dream Dress Session Secrets: Tips for Introducing Dream Dress Sessions to Your City

Dream Dress Session Secrets: Tips for Introducing Dream Dress Sessions to Your City

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