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Embark on a Fairytale Journey: Dream Dress Sessions with Tamara Benavente in Miami

Incorporating gowns into children's styled photography sessions can add a touch of elegance and whimsy.

Tamara-Benavente Photography-Miami Princess Photo Shoots with Kate Backdrops

Maximize the Magic: Expert Tips for Utilizing Gowns in Your Styled Sessions

1. Choose Age-Appropriate Gowns: Selecting age-appropriate gowns is crucial for a flawless styled session, particularly when renting. It's essential to ensure that the gown not only fits well but also suits the age of your client or daughter. Choose gowns that are suitable for the client's age, steering clear of options that may feel too mature or uncomfortable for them.

2. Consider the Theme: Choose gowns that complement the theme of the photoshoot. Whether it's a fairy-tale theme, vintage-inspired, or something else, the gown should fit seamlessly into the overall concept.

3. Focus on Comfort: Prioritize comfort by ensuring the gown is easy for the client/child to wear, facilitating unrestricted movement throughout the photoshoot. While our couture gowns may feature premium fabrics and intricate details like full petticoats, they can sometimes feel heavy.

Tip to manage the weight and prevent shoulder creases between shots: Utilize shoulder pads or bra inserts beneath the straps to alleviate pressure on the shoulders.

Tip Another helpful tip to alleviate the weight of the gown is to strategically incorporate breaks during the photoshoot. Schedule intermittent breaks where the client/child can rest and relax, allowing them to briefly remove the gown or adjust their posture to ease any discomfort caused by its weight. This not only helps maintain their comfort but also ensures they remain energized and engaged throughout the session.

4. Accessorize Wisely: Pair the gown with appropriate accessories such as hair accessories, jewelry, or props that enhance the overall look without overwhelming the child.

5. Coordinate with Other Elements: Coordinate the gown with other elements of the photoshoot, such as the location, props, and backdrop, to create a cohesive and visually appealing composition.

Girls Cinderella Dress  - girls Disney trip

6. Pay Attention to Color and Texture: Choose gowns with colors and textures that complement the child's features and the overall aesthetic of the photoshoot.

7. Encourage Natural Movement: Encourage the client/child to move naturally while wearing the gown. Capture candid moments of them twirling, running, or playing, as these shots can often be the most charming and authentic.

8. Capture Details: Focus on capturing the details of the gown, such as intricate lace patterns, flowing layers, or delicate embellishments. Close-up shots can add depth and visual interest to the images.

9. Create a Story: Use the gown as a storytelling element in the photoshoot. Encourage the client/child to embody a character or role while wearing the gown, allowing their personality to shine through in the images.

10. Additional gown options: Make gown sessions fun and exciting by introducing additional dress options. Consider incorporating our Finengan and Lace gowns, which offer a softer and more casual look for younger girls. These dresses provide a charming alternative that moms adore, adding versatility and variety to the session.

11. Have Fun: Most importantly, make sure the client/child enjoys wearing the gown and participating in the photoshoot. Keep the atmosphere relaxed and fun, and be patient while capturing those magical moments.

Children's Phtoography -Tamara-Benavente Photography-Miami

Enchanting Princess Styled Sessions in Miami


Meet Tamara Benavente, a distinguished Miami-based photographer specializing in fashion, portrait, and event photography. Renowned for her vibrant and creative approach, Tamara excels at capturing moments in a way that makes her a highly sought-after professional in the industry. Her clients describe her as happy, creative, and easy to work with.

Tamara-Benavente Photography-Miami Princess Photography session Bentley and Lace

Step into a World of Fairytales: Creating Timeless Memories with Princess-themed Photography Sessions

Tamara Benavente Teams Up with Bentley and Lace for an Enchanting Session

Tamara recently hosted princess sessions in her Miami studio, showcasing our Madeline Floor Long Gown and Whispering Pink Floor-Length Gown with detachable lace sleeves. The young models, Laura and sweet Sabrina, looked absolutely stunning in our newest rental gowns and she used Kate Backdrops for the photography sessions to bring her vision to life.

One of the wonderful aspects of a Bentley and Lace gown is its versatility in size. Our gowns are designed to accommodate girls of various sizes, allowing them to fulfill their princess dreams regardless of size. We specifically craft our rental gowns to be size-flexible while ensuring they still fit beautifully and prioritize comfort.

Beautiful Laura Vittoraso is 9 years old, but Tamara has known her since she was 5. "I enjoyed photographing her, and what surprised me the most was how she transformed when she wore the dresses," Tamara shared. "She didn't just put on the dresses; she immediately became a little model, embodying their personalities—sweet and romantic in the blue dress, and strong and self-assured in the pink and burgundy one." Follow more of Laura’s journey through her mom’s Instagram @miramore

Tamara-Benavente Photography-Miami

Transforming from Active Adventures to Princess Dreams.

"As soon as she put on her dress, she was absolutely ecstatic!"

At just 5 years old, Sweet Sabrina stepped into the spotlight for the first time with Tamara. "Having known her parents for some time, I had been eager to arrange a photo session with her. Yet, I was uncertain about her response to dresses, considering her active lifestyle—I'd seen her engaging in bike rides, swimming, and more," Tamara explained.

"However, Sabrina's mom assured me of her love for dressing up, and she was absolutely right. The moment Sabrina slipped into her dress, her excitement was palpable! Capturing her joy and enthusiasm during the session was an absolute delight."

Our gowns have proven time and time again that they can transform any little one into a radiant star! Whether it's their first photo session or a familiar moment captured in a new light, our dresses bring out the best in every child.


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